Picture and video gallery.


If you attend one of our performances and take some pictures or videos, please email to me, so we can post them on this page. Thanks!!!!! 

Who is that guy on the right?

This page is currently under construction and more pictures will be added very soon.


If you have pictures from one of our shows, we want to add them -  If you would like us to add them, please send them to me. (Click here).


In 2010 our camera was left at the Wisconsin Club along with several other items - The camera, pictures and the others items were not returned or found - Sorry for the lost pictures!!!

John, Mike & Sarah

Performance at Generations

Below just a few pictures. If you visit my page called “Sound Bites” (or click here) it will take you to my Reverb Nation site. Click the Pics tab (for all the pictures) and check out some of the other tabs. I hope you can find you and your friends. Don’t forget to send me your pictures while you attend our performances (Click here to send me  your pictures) If you want me to add a caption let me know (ie: Friends of Only Two, Had a great time, etc…). Expand pictures below by clicking.