Mike heinrich & john taylor

 “only two”

Sound bites

Please simply click the songs below to listen to the individual sound bites of “Only Two” featuring both John Taylor vocal & Mike Heinrich guitar. This list of songs was last updated (see home page). Buy clicking these links below you will be taken to a link to Reverb Nation. Simply hit the back space to come back to our page. Please enjoy. Your suggestions are welcome (click here), but please be nice. This is a sampling of our songs.


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You are so beautiful — Ballad made popular by Joe Cocker—Check out John’s version.


Do nothing till you hear it from me — Big band Duke style featuring John Taylor


Fever — Classic and current standard. Made popular by several artist. Our version is all John.


Georgia — Ray would have loved this too. It’s all John, but you can still hear Ray in our version.


I left my heart in San Francisco — Classic ballad. Watch out Tony. John does it his way.


Summer time — Classic standard done in a Latin style. Featuring John.


That old black magic — Big band featuring the Big Band voice of Mr. Taylor.


Time after time — Beautiful ballad featuring one of the finest ballad vocalist - John Taylor. 


Use me — A fun hip tune showing John’s vocal versatility with this piece.


Beautiful Maria — Beautiful Latin song featuring Mike on Guitar from the move Mambo Kings.


Hideaway — Hip tune by the Rippingtons— featuring Mike Heinrich’s Guitar. This is a great group check them out.


Maria Elena — Beautiful old school standard featuring Mike on Guitar.


Europa — Written by Santana, also played by Gato Barbieri on sax—Featuring Mike trying to capture both. Beautiful Latin.


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